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Carrying Your World On Wheels


Wheelbarrows are a vital piece of equipment for any builder, landscaper, bricklayer, gardener or home handyman. Available with both steel and plastic trays to suit a variety of uses. Landscapers and gardeners would generally use a plastic tray barrow for moving mulch and garden soil. Steel tray barrows are ideal to handle the heavier loads and bricklayers use these where rocks, bricks, tiles or cement are being moved. 

Available with a variety of wheels to suit your purpose.

Steel Tray Barrow

Poly Tray Barrow

GARDEN CART - 200KG Capacity / 240Litre

Designed to connect to either a ride on mower or ATV, this light weight garden cart has many uses whether you are a hobby farmer, garden supply business, sporting club or just simply looking for an easier hassle free way of moving a load.
When the tray is fully loaded a simple release lever is used to counter lever the tray making empting or spreading the contents accurately and efficiently.
***Supplied with good quality 400mm diameter x 150mm wide pneumatic wheels.